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Why So Sad Chad

Even though you totally love and approve of yourself, it doesn't mean you get to escape sadness or hard times in your life. I have been battling sadness now for the greater part of this past month, so I decided today it was time to meet it head on.

How do I get to the root of the sadness? Here is a tried and true method you can try anytime your mind seems to keep taking you back to the same place over and over again; a place that brings you pain, sadness, depression, etc. For thirty days, just a mere thirty days........ journal. I can hear the sighs now. Journaling....OMG, we hate to journal.

Here is how this journaling works. You just sit down and put pen to paper, that works best. You don't have to have a fancy book to write in, just a plain old composition notebook will do. The first few days it will feel awkward and you won't know what to write. Just write what comes to mind. There are days you may write only a few sentences, and other days you will write a few pages. Just let it flow organically.

After each session, turn the page and don't look back. No peeking, no editing, no reading, just write what comes to mind, and turn the page. After a few days, you will notice that your mind starts to wander as you write. That is OK, that is when the magic starts to happen. That is when your subconscious mind starts unloading what it has been holding on to. That is also the reason why no peeking backwards or editing. We need this writing to be organic everyday to know where or what your subconscious is chewing on.

At the end of the thirty days, sit with your favorite beverage and read the notebook all the way through in one sitting. I promise you will get to know yourself on a level you never have before. Once you know what your subconscious mind is dealing with, you can work to heal it.

The first time I did this in my life, I would have bet my life I was dealing with extreme sadness. With my past, it made perfect sense to me. After the thirty days, I read through my journal and discovered I was SUPER DUPER angry. No wonder all the work I was doing to alleviate my sadness wasn't working. I wasn't remotely sad, I was majorly pissed off. Anger was not an emotion I was allowed to have as a child. My mother owned that emotion in our house, so no wonder I miss-labeled it.

When I starting unraveling the anger in my life, the real healing began. So why so sad Chad? What is going on in my subconscious mind now? Stay tuned. I will know in thirty days.

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