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I Passed My Man Test!!!

This past week has been a week of tests by my Spirit Guides. They do so in such a loving fun way at this point in my path. I have learned long ago to just listen and trust, and they will guide me where I belong for my greater good.

I was looking at some video's stored in my phone with some friends one afternoon, and I ran across one of my love bug, Zelda Kitty, playing with a ribbon tied to a balloon. In the background I could hear voices talking and laughing. I recognized one of them, my flat-mate Ron, but could not figure out who the other one was. I listened to it a few times, and then it dawned on me who it ex. It seems so strange to be so disconnected from someone I used to love with my whole heart and soul. So test passed as for having healed and moved on!

The second test came later in the week. We had a repairman come to the office and he actually flirted with me. I was flabbergasted. He said he loved my gray hair, and had a thing for older women. He said I had a sexy voice, and that something special in my presence that is hard to find. It's not that I didn't believe these things about myself, but I didn't need him to tell me these things. While it was very flattering, I did not fall into my old pattern of someone showing me a crumb of attention, and falling for it. This was a whole giant box of attention, and while it was nice to hear, it did not move me to allow anything to happen. Test passed!!

That's the thing, when you finally learn to love and value yourself you can allow exchanges like that to happen, but not have them play with you on an emotional level, you can just enjoy them for what they are. I explained to him I had already found the love of my life, ME, and that while I was very flattered, there would be nothing to come of it. It's not that I am opposed to having a partner in life, but I don't need a partner in life. I am surrounded by the love of my friends, my cats, and most importantly by me. Test Grade: A+

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