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What I am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful blog subscribers and followers. I am so thankful to have this wonderful place to heal my heart, and hope it has helped y’all to start to fall in love with your fabulous selves.

Just two short years ago my husband walked out on our marriage right before Thanksgiving 2017. He gave me a two week notice, how nice of him, and just packed up and drove off to find his version of a “perfect” life. I was devastated. But here I am only two short years later living a much happier version of my life.

I thought I would never smile again, or never love again. As it turns out, I never really loved at all since I never loved myself. The old saying “You can’t give what you don’t have” has never rang more true to me since he left. I realize now that I would have never chosen someone so cruel and heartless if I had ever loved myself. I really thought on some deep subconscious level that that kind of love was all I was worth.

Flash forward two years – it hasn’t been easy healing the wounds that left me so broken, but it has been so worth the time invested to find my own value. Instead of living with someone who always put me down, gave me the silent treatment on a regular basis to “punish” me, and generally blamed me for his un-happiness, I am surrounded by love in every part of my life.

I have wonderful roommates, the most kind and loving friends, a good job, a home of my own, I am healthier than I was two years ago, and most definitely happier than I ever was in that marriage.

So today I am thankful for my health, my friends, my home, my healing, and most of all for him leaving me. Without that one act on his part, I would never know this life and all the love that it holds.

May you find peace in your soul and love in your heart for your fabulous self.

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1 comentario

29 nov 2019

Jesus loved us.. even though we are not worthy. That is the ultimate love RoRo. You love what you love. can love from a distance. That is okay!!!

Me gusta
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