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Valentine's Day Revisited

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Valentine’s Day….you either love it or dread it.  Since I am newly single........again, I was dreading it.  I made myself a hair appointment earlier in the week for the 14th, so that at least I would look good while I was feeling left out and lonely.

A dear friend of mine knew I was sad about the day - so he surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers.  It totally shifted my thinking about what the day stands for. It stands for love. No matter if you are married, single, divorced, or widowed, its about love, and that is shared between all people, not just those in relationships.


I would like to propose we call February 14th “Spread the Love Day” so that it would include everyone.  On “Spread the Love Day” we would all do things that show love to others and to ourselves.....random acts of kindness with love.

I decided to spread the good feelings he started in me, and took some of the flowers out of my bouquet to give to others in my office who were feeling left out too.  The snowball effect of spreading the love was amazing.  Each person who received some of the flowers just lit up knowing someone cared enough to share the love.  That is what I think we need to do with this holiday, because in that moment of sharing, I became love, love in action and it spread to everyone around me. 

What started out as a day of sadness and dread, turned out to be a beautiful day.  When my head hit the pillow last night, along with my gorgeous hair; I thought about the events of the day, and I found that I hadn't missed out on anything. I got to experience more love than I ever had when I was in a relationship. 

So for me, next February 14th, will be "Spread the Love Day." It's way more fun than "I'm in a relationship and you are not day!" Join me; I promise you will have fun and feel so much better!

My wonderful hair dresser Abbie - and my beautiful hair when she was done!

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