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Trash to Treasure

We have all heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and that can be very true. Look at the many shows on TV, Flea Market Flip, Trash to Treasure, American Pickers, all heavily watched shows about one person’s tossed away object that is found by someone who can see the inner beauty of the item. They are excited to find the gem in the junk, and then they lovingly refinish it or restore it to its former glory or to serve a new purpose. Most of these pieces become more valuable then what they were worth when originally purchased.

We are like that; we disposed of spouses or tossed away partners. We were thrown to the curb to be taken away as trash - at least that is how I felt. But we can be rescued from the trash heap and refinished or restored to our former glory and more than likely to an even better version of ourselves. We now have character that we didn’t have prior to the curb kicking. We have weathered some storms out there.

Who is going to rescue us you ask???? We are! Each and every one of us who was cast off as junk have the option to go claim ourselves from the curb and restore ourselves to our former beauty or even better. Now is the time to make some of those repairs you always wanted to get to. Maybe it’s working on a new mindset and healing some old wounds so they don’t run your life anymore. Maybe it’s working on getting the body back in better health and better shape. Maybe it’s just a hair cut and a makeover, or maybe it’s all of them. Maybe it’s a move to a new place or town, or just taking a long overdue vacation.

Whatever it is – just get up off the trash heap and do it. I realize now that I have been doing that since I started this blog. I told my story, I cried, I got angry, I got sad, but I am getting over it and realizing I have much more life and love in me to experience - and I plan on making the best of it. The inner work has been my restoration project – to heal the hurt of an abusive parent and to learn that I have value just as I am. I have character lines like an old beautiful antique chest of drawers. All of the dents and scratches only add to the beauty, the history and the mystery of the piece.

A prized possession for an antique collector - I can live with that!

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