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The Wizard of Ass

As the south eastern coast prepares for the upcoming storm, it got me to thinking about my ex who now lives in Florida; the land of milk and honey according to him. I hope with all my heart the storm blows out to sea and hurts no one...........but him.

Let me explain - I wish like in the Wizard of Oz, that a tornado would come, and blow him to a planet where he is treated like he treats everyone else in his life; with callous disrespect, and an eye on what he can leach off of them. I know in my heart he would still not get the point, because he lacks of any feelings or empathy, and would just have to adjust his "game" to get what he wants. He really is the "Wizard of Ass."

Please believe me, I really don't wish him any ill will. I have long since given up on the hope that he will wake up the the reality of who he is and what he does, decide to heal, and find a better life for himself. Sadly, he doesn't feel the need to change, since he gets all of his needs met from others. It really just hurts my heart to see a life wasted, and a soul that does not grow and learn. That is just so very sad.

We all have choices to make in this life and have to live with the beauty and the consequences of our actions. Some in the path of the upcoming storm will decide to evacuate, some will batten the hatches and stay put, and others will throw a hurricane party. Each one of those is a valid path that once chosen will decide your destiny in the aftermath of the storm.

The ex has chosen to destroy everyone he comes in contact with, by discarding them once he has used them up, like a tornado clearing a path. What he fails to understand is those who survive his destruction, can choose to rebuild an even stronger version of themselves and not only survive him, but thrive it the aftermath of the storm.

May God protect all of us who are, or were in the path of the Wizard of Ass.

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Sep 01, 2019

You are so right bamachick328. They will never learn or grow. The best thing we can do is heal the parts of us that let them into our hearts to begin with, and let them go to live their miserable lives. So sorry for what you have gone through, and go through with your ex narc. So glad to be here to share in the load of carrying the damage they leave behind. XOXOOX


Aug 31, 2019

Unfortunately due to the nature of being a narcissist he will probably never change his ways. He’ll always be like this: A total user. Its a miserable existence for him. And its so sad that there are women everywhere, of all ages and walks of life, who will fall into his trap, women who are so desperately seeking love from someone else - anyone.

I know what it can be like. I married a narcissist and, even though we’ve been divorced 25 years and our 2 boys are adults now, my ex still bad mouths me to our boys like he always has and he refuses to speak to me. And I’m the “good guy!” That’s the nature of narcissism.

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