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The Manifesting Has Begun!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

I love when I get my determination up to get something done, and then, somehow things don’t go quite the way I had planned. As I was immersing myself in all things love, I managed to manifest a killer cold first. So I took myself over to my acupuncturist to help with the cold and my arthritic knees, and then managed to manifest a whopping dose of sadness while on the table during my treatment.

Acupuncture helps to move stuck energy, great. Apparently I had a huge piece of the ex’s crap still lodged in me somewhere that needed to come out in order for me to manifest all the love I am looking to fill my life with. So alright, crap is moving through my system, albeit a little slower than I would like. It’s like “Really Willow”; enough with the sadness already. He was an asshole, he left, made you feel worthless, but you know you are not, in fact you know you have tremendous value, so why the fuck are you still feeling sad about the end of your marriage.

I think it goes back to manifesting the shit out of love. Hey, I just got it. I want to manifest the shit out of love, and look what I did. I manifested the movement of a piece of shit that was stuck in my energy in my body from the ex. Well done Willow – you knocked that one out of the park. So as of this moment, I am no longer sad; I am feeling the power of my focused intention. I just need to tweak my trajectory a bit! Fantastic, I can do that!

Perhaps I will say I am manifesting a ginormous amount of love or a titanic amount of love, well I think I will skip that one; we all know how that ended. Nonetheless, it’s all about manifesting an abundance of love in my life. I love when plans start to gel and things start to happen. I googled synonyms for large – here is what came back:

Synonyms for large

· full

· huge

· vast

· wide

· tidy

What do you think your word will be? I can’t wait to hear!

It's exhausting!
Me and my magic "shit" manifesting glasses! LOL

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