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“The Inherent Genius of Sylvester Stallone” and other Self Help Books

Just like I said in a prior post, that we must educate ourselves about who these people were that came into our lives and tore them up, there comes a point where we must educate ourselves about what self love looks like and how to heal. I have read many books on personal growth, as I am sure we all have after spending time in the self help section of a book store or on Amazon. There are a few that have really helped me on my journey of self discovery and self love that I would like to share with you.

The first one is “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. Ironically my XNarcs new supply is friends with him, and they spent last Thanksgiving with him at his Meditation Center in Florida. The point was lost on him as to who this man was, as he has never spent time in the self help section of any store. In this book Michael Singer helps you to understand how to achieve inner peace by stop letting your mind set up everything for you in your life based on what it thinks it should look like. It will be one of those books you read several times to gain all the knowledge it presents and to be able to put this knowledge to work in your mind.

The second one is “Empty Your Cup” by Yong Kang Chan. This book explains to you how mindfulness can help you to empty your mind of everything you believe about yourself and change your perception of self. I have learned so much about why I think the way I do, and why I perceive things the way I do. He is a very insightful writer and presents the information in a way that really gets you to think.

What both of these books taught me is that I have placed myself in a subservient position to my mind and emotions. The endless chatter from my inner self critic has taken over my life and is directing the ship most days. I now understand that in order to find peace, I have to re-program myself to be 100% present in each moment of my day by practicing mindfulness to help achieve that goal. Our actions and thoughts of today plan and execute our future. I am understanding now how important it is to show up for those strategy sessions all day in order to have inner peace and a happier life.

So start reading anything you can get your hands on until you find books that speak to your soul. You can try the two I have suggested, or write in and tell me books that changed your life. I want this blog to be an interactive place of healing, so please send me your thoughts, books, or story. I would love to hear from you as you have been hearing from me all this time.

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