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Straight from the Horses – Oh I mean - Narc’s Mouth

I recently had an unexpected conversation with the XNarc. True to form he was already expressing his dissatisfaction with his current supply. Apparently he is already bored with the sex, doesn’t like how she keeps the house, is upset because she gained fifteen pounds since they met, and said they bicker a lot. Wow, nice little life he built for himself post our breakup.

This goes to the point, that even though they may look happy after they leave us and hook up with the new supply, in the end, they will be just as unhappy as they were when they left us. Because the problem isn’t with the people they use, it’s inside them. How can one of their kind ever be happy when they are completely empty on the inside. They can only use energy from their supply as they have nothing on the inside – as empty as a hologram. How tragically sad for them.

He also commented that the new supply (his 71 year old gal for those of you who have not read all my posts) was upset with him because she found out he was looking to purchase his own place and move out. She sadly thought he would stay with her through the rest of her golden years. If she had not been blinded by the love bombing stage, she would have been able to see that he leaves everyone – even his kids when he has used them all up.

Poor Norma Jean, she had no clue what she got into. I am sure she felt like she hit the jackpot when she met him and moved him into her home, but here she is now experiencing just what I did, but only after less than a year. His cycle is getting shorter. I am sure he will string her along till he finds a new place and then start the cycle again. So if you were questioning if the XNarc is happier now…..No – from his own mouth – he is not happier.

I, on the other hand, have found a lot of my happy. I have much less stress in my life, and am working on my new vision board so I know where I want to go next. I have two wonderful roommates who fill the house with laughter, have redecorated half of the rooms of the house now to reflect my taste and style, have lost 40 pounds without trying, and have far less drama/trauma in my life.

So who is the winner now? LOLOLOLOLOL

Happy Thanksgiving to you all XOXOX

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Dec 09, 2018

Angelcatrom, we are not really "People" to them. We are no different than a toaster or washing machine to them. I know it's sad, but that is the reality of them. We are a means of fuel. That's all and that hurts to know. :(


Dec 08, 2018

Willow, I know you used the word, 'supply' in your own context, but the word gives me a sinking feeling, like these poor people weren't human :(

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