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Passive Healing of the Subconscious Mind

I want to share with you something I have been using that has really helped me in my quest to release the pain of the past, release the ex from my mind, and find joy in my world. It is called “Subliminal Music” or “Subliminal Sound” therapy.

If you go out to YouTube you can find a plethora of them; all different kinds of music, sounds and messages. Try a few till you find some you like. The beauty of this type of therapy is that it is passive and largely free unless you order CD’s from the different vendors.

I find it best to focus on one issue and a time, and immerse yourself in it as much as possible. I started with a few to help me recover from the PTSD my childhood and love life has left me with. Once I started feeling better and did not get triggered as often, (even my PTSD therapist was amazed at how fast I moved through the bigger part of that healing), I then chose to focus on not thinking about him so much.

Thoughts of my ex were intrusive, and painful, and seemed to plague me most of my waking hours, and into my dreams. I started listening to the two I have attached links to below last Sunday, so it’s been a week, and I am thinking of him waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less, thank the lord! I listen to them all day while I am at work since I work in an office largely alone, and then when I am working at home, or on my computer at home, I have them playing. I also picked one out that focused on forgetting the ex that was 9 to 10 hours long to listen to while I sleep – I only wish I could sleep that long! LOL

I find now, after only one week, that I have to purposely think about him and focus on him to get any kind of feeling inside myself about him. Sure I am still sad on some level that the man I fell in love with was just a mirage, and I do miss that version of him, but with the soul tie cutting done, the ashes dumped and now removed to a landfill, this sound therapy has moved the pain and sharp edges out of my daily thoughts. It’s like a freedom that you give yourself without having to do much but invest the time in listening to them.

Now maybe it was just time for me, maybe because I wanted to release him from my emotions so badly, they worked so well. I don’t know but all I can say is they have worked spectacularly. You are out nothing to give them a try. Remember, focus on one thing you want to work on at a time so you don’t confuse your subconscious, passively listen to them as often as you can, and watch the magic happen. It’s like someone opened the cage door, and I was able to fly out for the first time and feel my own wing power….oh and I am the one that opened the door!

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