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Meet the Faces of Online Dating

I finally decided to give online dating a try. Let me tell you this, one needs to be fully and totally in love with themselves before they get out there. I am sure there may be some good men out there, but in the short time I have been online, I found the following types: (If you are a man reading my blog, which I hope you are, you will have to add the types of women you find out there.) In no particular order here they are:

“The Predator.” This one will reach out immediately with messages like “Hey Beautiful, I can’t stop looking at your picture. Do you want to meet for a drink tonight?” This guy is looking for easy prey – and you are fresh meat. Think Hannibal Lector.

“The Sad Sack” This guy will try to con you with his sad tale of how his wife left him, or that he lives in a vacuum devoid of love and laughter. He needs you to make him better and bring joy into his life. His profile picture will be just of part of his face, because he is to sad to even know how to take a good selfie. He will drain you of all of your energy, time and resources. Think Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, but not cute or lovable.

“The Controller” This guy wants to tell you who you are, why you think the way you do, and just what you will do on your date should you be smart enough to know he is the best guy out there. If not, you are just to stupid to know good quality when you see it. You will always be trying to live up to his unreasonable standards that will keep changing, thus being able to control you better. Think Cal Hockley from Titanic. We all know how that ended.

“The Adonis” This guy is in love with himself. He will show you a lot of pictures of him shirtless, or at the gym pumping iron. He will only be interested in how good you will look on his arm for the night, because that is all you will have with him – one night. He already found the love of his life, himself. Think “White Goodman” from the movie Dodgeball.

Having enough self love to have very good boundaries, my responses to the messages I received were not taken well by any of the types. Want to weed the junk out from the gold, have a strong boundary.

One asked me what I thought the secret to finding a good match out here was. I responded to him with having good boundaries and a healthy dose of self love. He promptly removed me from his interest list! LOL Another said he was not divorced yet, new in town and looking to meet someone. Really, do I look like the welcome wagon for an unattached guys? Besides, he still has the weird adjustment period to go through. I don’t think so- I'm worth more than that. When I said I don’t date men who are not single, he removed me from his interest list.

Of course I got hit up from some that wanted personal pictures sent to their private email. As a joke, I wanted to send them a picture of a horses ass, but I didn’t want to encourage their bad behavior or insult the horse. LOL

In the end, I decided I really don’t want to date. I am enjoying my life as it is. I think in just living my everyday life will allow someone to organically show up in my life if it is meant to be. That is more my style.

Since I have paid for a six month membership to the dating site, I changed my profile to say I was looking to “Zoom Date” people from other areas of the world to just learn about their cultures and traditions. Like virtual travel dating. I did preface that with I would not be sending any money to a foreign prince, or paying to free someone from their captors.


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