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Making Peace with My Body

I recently purchased some subliminal message CD’s off of Amazon. I got one on learning to love and accept yourself, and one on weight loss and stress eating. I listen to one of them all morning while I am in my office, and the other one all afternoon. They sound like ocean waves. I have grown accustom to the peaceful sound and the quiet they allow as I work.

Low and behold I noticed over the past week I have felt the roots of self love taking hold, and I noticed I am not stress eating much anymore. I am simply eating when I am hungry, whatever my body feels like, and I am not putting any rules up I have to follow; hence the chocolate chip and banana pancakes the other night. I am learning that part of loving me includes taking way better care my body than I have in the past, and the added bonus is I am starting to lose weight again.

Sadly while in the throes of my horrible marriage I gained almost one hundred pounds. I hated myself even more for what I had done to myself, and I hated the way he looked at me with such disdain. I was so starved for his love and affection that I satiated myself with Oreo’s. Happily, I have gotten rid of forty of those pounds already, and am ready to allow the rest to fall away as it wants to. Here’s the difference in my mindset now - I will let my body be what it wants to be, without putting limitations or conditions on it. It can just be how it wants to be, curvy, soft, a little giggly, and comfortable.

I notice now when I sit down to eat, I am way less stressed about what I should and should not eat, or when I eat, or how much I eat. Without all of the added pressure, I am eating less than I normally did in the past. Making peace with my past, healing these wounds and finding my worth is freeing not only my mind from the mental torture it became accustom to, I see it’s now freeing my body as well.

So my advice if I can be so bold, is to find some peace with your body through some type of healing modality, (I love the passiveness of the CD’s – Lord knows I don’t like to sweat! ) and let your body be what it wants to be. The right person will love you just the way you are, and more importantly, if you love yourself first, they won’t be able to resist you either!

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