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It's Time To Go All In

What if I told you there is a way to never suffer a broken heart again? Would you be willing to go all in to learn how? Mind you, you may still have people in your life who disappoint you or who don’t live up to the expectation they portrayed to you, like a husband who is supposed to love you, those things will happen because we don’t operate in a bubble all on our own. But they don’t have to destroy us anymore.

What if I said that if you learn to fall in love with yourself wholly and completely, no one will ever be able to shatter your heart into pieces again? Are you willing to learn how? It will only work if you go all in. The depth of your progress will be measured on how deeply someone can hurt you in the future. I am not talking about having no feelings, actually, I am talking about the exact opposite, its having the strongest feelings you ever had in your life. Loving and honoring yourself all the way to the core of your soul.

I can hear some people saying that sounds too easy, or there is no way to achieve that type of love. And if you believe that to be true, you are right, it won’t work. But if you open your mind to the possibility that all the love you need can be held in your own heart and soul, then join me on this journey.

May two favorite companion books to achieve self love are “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, and “The Un-Tethered Soul” by Michael Singer. Start with the Louise Hay book. It will give you great insight as to why you are where you are in life, and start to learn how to let it all go.

The other imperative exercise will get you to know yourself on the deepest level. How do you do that you ask, you start by journaling every night. I don’t mean “Dear Diary” today I ate toast, but a true feelings journal. Just write what comes to mind. In a few days it will feel natural and you will get to the place where it just flows out of you. BUT – when you are done writing for the night, you are to turn the page; DO NOT re-read what you wrote; DO NOT edit what you wrote, simply finish your thoughts and turn the page. Do this for thirty consecutive nights, and then on day thirty one, read it all the way through in one sitting. I promise you will get to know yourself on the very deep level.

It’s at this point the real work of letting go of what is holding you back will begin. If you think you can skip the journaling think again. You will be trying to release things from you that you think are the blocks and not what actual blocks are.

If you would like feedback on your journaling once you are done with your thirty days, please email me what came up and we can work out a plan for you to heal. It’s all free and it’s all your choice. I know having done this myself, it works and you will find how to be happy, whole and complete within yourself no matter what is going on around you. And when you have achieved that, then pay it forward as I am now.



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