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A Giant Cosmic "Do Over!"

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

It seems there are two kinds of people right now - those at home trying to cope with the new reality of home schooling, telecommuting, and not getting out of the house much, or those "essential workers" (although, aren't we all essential?) in the front lines of healthcare, grocery stores, and delivery drivers; who have no time on their hands.

Either scenario is wrought with their share of challenges, but they both bring people to the same place of emotional exhaustion. And what happens when we become emotionally exhausted? We can become overwhelmed and depressed with the mere thought of getting out of bed and facing our lives.

It's time to take some decisive "self love" actions to give us strength to face our new reality. I have had two sessions with a PTSD counselor via "tele health," took some time to plant a small vegetable garden, and am working on organizing my closet. All of these activities have served to keep me calm, focused and able to handle my daily work load. (I am in one of those "essential" jobs that requires me to pack 80 hours of work into a 40 hour week.)

I have also spent some time planning out where I want my life to go from here, when the social limitations have lifted. In the past, besides my blog, healing my heart, falling in love with myself, working at my normal job, I am also a medium. I have spent many weekends in the past helping others to connect with loved ones who have crossed over, or helping them to see other paths to take in life. One would have thought I could have seen the train wreck heading towards me when I met my ex, or perhaps my Spirit Guides knew I only learned things the hard way and allowed me to get hit by that train.

With the experiences of the past two and a half years behind me, I have decided to mix my love for writing and healing together and become a life coach, with a twist. I can use my "gift" to see what Spirit would like a client to see and heal; help them with the healing, guide them on the path of learning to love themselves and then building the life want making choices from that healed place in their soul. I can't think of a better way to take care of myself, than to help others to find the path to true love and peace.

So I guess what I am taking a long time to say, is use this time to take care of yourself. I mean really take care of yourself. Been putting off that counseling? Do it now. Been wanting to learn something new, a language - cooking - art? Do it now. We will come out the other side of this current challenge. We all know life will never be the same ever again. Why not build a new path to the life we really want, not the life we fell into through making choices from the broken places of our souls. We have a cosmic "do-over" if you choose to see it that way. How will your "do over" look?

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