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Happy Birthday Willow

Well here I am at my own personal new year. I can’t believe I have turned fifty-nine today. If I was wine, I would be valuable and nicely aged, if I was a piece of furniture I would be an antique, and if I was a cheese, well I would be way past my prime. LOL

After having survived the past year, I am going to go with I am a fine wine, but I am not ready to uncork myself just yet. I have some big plans for this year that will be life changing for my future. Since I am living a life that is vastly different than what I planned, I might as well go big with the changes.

As a child I grew up with the fantasy of “happy ever after marriage”. Since reality has been quite a different story, I will just have to adjust. I have narrowed my college search down to two wonderful online programs - going to major in History, and I am planning to do a bit of surgery to just tweek what mother nature is doing to me. Why, because I am worth it!

I have so much good in my life, and staying focused on that has really helped heal the damage of the past. It really is true, what you focus on - is what grows in your life. I am so honored to have not just one, but two birthday parties being held for me today. I have a circle of wonderful supportive friends, two of the world’s best roommates, my two beautiful kitty’s, a great job, my own home, and a car that I am in love with. What more does one woman need.

I am staying focused on love, self love, love of my friends, of my life, and guess what……that is what my life has become. I don’t have to have a guy in my life to feel love. In fact I find that the fastest way not to fee love…… friends love me without judgment. Not one of my three husbands did that, especially the last one.

So at the start of my personal new year, I find my life filled with love, and that is a wonderful thing.

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