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Happy Anniversary Darling

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

I wrote this letter today marking the one year anniversary from when he told me he had bedded down his 71 year old landlord just six weeks after he left us. Not even one week for each of the seven years we were together. So to quote one of my favorite Moody Blues songs "letters I've written - never meaning to send," because he is not worth the ink or the paper, and the point would be lost on him. LOL So between you and I, this is what I would say.......

Happy Anniversary Darling,

It was just one short year ago today you felt the need to blow my heart into a thousand pieces. Yeah for you! Was it as memorable for you as it has been for me?

You betrayed me on a level I have never experienced before in my life, and believe me when I say, I have experienced some pretty bad shit. I have spent the last year piecing the shards of my life back together. I’m not done yet, but then life is a work in progress.

I hope you gained all that you wanted to gain from sharing your nasty secret with me that day. I would love to know the thought process behind taking that kind of action to hurt someone on such a deep level. It must be heinous. My mind simply doesn’t work that way. I can't even imagine. I would never cause that kind of pain to someone I loved, or really to anyone. It’s not kind, and sets one up for some really bad karma to return.

Are you happy now? Did Florida and Norma provide you will all the love and happiness your heart can hold? Did all of your dreams come true? I certainly hope so, because it cost me my heart. I wish you could have used your own heart to pay for it, but then again you always did like to mooch off of me. God forbid you ever paid for anything while we were together.

I know you won’t think to ask how I am, so I will just tell you. I am doing just fine, sans the broken heart under repair. My blog is doing well, both of my FB business pages have exploded, over 10K fans on one and 8K on the other. I drive a Mercedes now, have lost 35 pounds, and over all am doing pretty good. My home and job have been redesigned to better suit my needs and style; so all and all, life isn’t so bad.

I will always wonder how you could do what you did to me, someone you supposedly loved. That makes me think you really never loved me, or worse yet for you, that you have no conscious or feelings. Really all I can say at this point is I am just eternally grateful that I am not you. I could never live the life you live – hurting and betraying all the women in your life, including your daughter. Your “love” is poison to all who drink it.

In closing, I have to say that at least I have a chance to find my own inner happy as I heal – something I don’t think you will ever experience. You are too damaged to face and fix your issues. You must get some kind of satisfaction in purposely hurting women. I know you were not born this way; you were created by your awful parents. They molded you into a thoughtless, selfish, unkind, lying soulless human. I hope on your next pass through life, you learn what you were supposed to have learned this time, so you don’t get stuck living this life over and over. That would just be tragic, or maybe your just your karma.

Either way, happy anniversary asshole. I so happy I am not you darling, because you suck the joy right out of everyone's life you touch..

Without love,


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2 commenti

04 lug 2019

I love it bamachick328 - You will have to send me a picture of him squished under your shoe!!! LOLOL

Mi piace

04 lug 2019

Maybe he’ll come back in his next life as a bug, some insignificant insect that I’ll step on for you without even realizing it LOL 😂 I can’t wait!

Mi piace
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