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Be Kind to Your Mind

If you follow my blog, you know I talked about doing daily acts of kindness for yourself the other night. We do reap what we sow, so why not be kind to yourself to reap more kindness in your life. Likewise, as we grow to love ourselves and actively show that self love in how we treat ourselves and others, imagine the love we will reap in our lives.

So today my act of kindness towards myself was something that required me to be present in my head most of the day. I actively paid attention to my “monkey mind” and when it settled on “him” and how I still love him, God knows why, I shifted my focus on purpose and thought about the people in my life that I love, and who love me. Believe me when I tell you, at the beginning of the day I felt like a traffic cop in my head, because my mind drifted to “him” anytime I wasn’t paying attention. By the end of the day, it did get a lot easier, because he did not come up so often anymore; my mind was focused on the real honest love in my life.

I’m not saying this was easy, but I am hoping on a go forward basis to incorporate this practice into my daily life, and eventually have thoughts of “him” stop coming to me. You know kind of like your old flames that no longer cross your mind except once in a blue moon. I can’t think of any acts of kindness that would be more compassionate then the gift of peace to your mind.

I also noticed by the end of the day, I was feeling less stressed, had less road rage on my way home, and felt calmer. We do not even realize how much time and energy we spend remembering someone who really was never there. They were just an illusion for our thirsty hearts. It’s such a sad and lonely place to live.

So tonight, try to start paying attention to what you are dwelling on in your mind. Do not ignore what it brings up, because we all know – what we resist, persists, but rather thank your mind for bringing it to your attention, and then tell it about someone who loves you for real. Share a happy memory about that person with your mind. Think about how this person who loves you makes you feel. Watch how your mind starts to calm itself as you think of the love that is active in your life right now, making wonderful memories every day.

It's just a matter of training your brain to be your friend.

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