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Ah, The Lure of the Open Road

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

I decided to take a little trip this past week. I grabbed a friend and headed out to visit Savannah Georgia. I just love history and old architecture, so Savannah hit the spot. I booked a place for four nights, gassed up the Yukon and set out for our adventure.

We really had no plan or agenda of things we “had to do” while there so we just let things unfold. I slept most mornings till about 9 AM, what a treat, lingered over my coffee, threw on my most comfy clothes, and then we headed out.

Day one we found a really cool shop called “Two Ladies and a Warehouse.” Awesome place if you ever get to Savannah. All kinds of stuff from the past to revive old memories and laugh, and of course purchase. I found a few goodies I just “had” to have. We decided to have lunch where the locals do – a far better experience than all the touristy stuff and then finished the day off with a trip through Bonaventure Cemetery to soak up the ambiance. It’s really quite an interesting place.

For dinner we found this place called Betty Bombers. It is located in an old VFW lodge and was just as kitchy as you would think. Music from the 40’s playing and lots of WWII pictures and memorabilia. We had a great day the next day as well, but something was gnawing at my gut – besides the great BBQ we had at a place called Sandfly BBQ – an absolute must on your next visit there.

As I quieted my mind that third night, something was telling me to head home the next day – leaving one day earlier than expected. So I honored that feeling and we left the next morning.

Why am I bringing this all up? Simple – you see a part of loving yourself is listening to your inner guidance system – your soul. It knows what is best for you. Truth be told, my soul tried to tell me that my last husband was not a good fit for me, but did I listen….no and look what that got me.

Self love, self care – all starts with the simple act of listening to inner gut, and following what it is telling you to do. Did anything miraculous happen by us leaving a day early? No, but it wound up raining all day Sunday in Savannah, and by getting home one day early, I was able to sleep in on Monday, unpack, get to the grocery store, and have some fun – making the transition back to work today much easier to take.

You see, it’s all about listening to your soul. It loves you more than anyone. It always has your back and it will always set you up for the best outcome. We just have to quiet our minds and listen. Listen for its wisdom.

I wonder will it will tell me to head next? I can’t wait to see~

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