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A Message from Dad

After I wrote the other night about my Dad, my spirit guides encouraged me to reach out to him on the other side and let him know what I am feeling. I know that will sound strange for some, but there really is life for our souls on the other side of this world. I know, I am a medium, but that is a story for another night.

So I poured my heart out into a letter to my Dad. I told him I was doing fine, in that I own my own home, have a good job, wonderful friends and so forth, but that Mike had shattered my heart into a billion pieces, took away any love I had for myself - which was not much to start with, and that while I am doing better most days, my heart still hurts. I asked him to do something for me that would affect Mike, but not hurt my karma. After a little bit of quiet time with my Dad, his reply to me was……”I will make him fat!” I almost rolled off my bed laughing.

My ex would rather be anything in this world than overweight. He obsessed over his weight, while he hoovered down toast and pie after every meal. He weighed himself obsessively, and spent hours looking at himself in the mirror. To gain a lot of weight would be a fate worse than death to him. I just love the way my Dad thinks! (The ex even complained that old Norma Jean was gaining weight and that he was not happy about that at all. Apparently his dick has a weight limit!!! LOLOL)

That said, it’s been a bit of an emotional few days. Not sure why, but last night I spent about an hour crying….over what who knows, but the tears came so I let them. Maybe it’s because it’s father’s day and I am missing my dad, maybe it was some residual pain the ex caused me that came up, or maybe I am just bat shit crazy. No matter the reason, I just let the tears come until I was all cried out and then fell asleep.

I think tonight as I get into bed, I will write a note to my Dad and ask him how he is making out with his plan. I don’t talk to the ex anymore, so I am not sure how I will know when it starts, but somehow I think my Dad will let me know. I love you Dad - forever and always.

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