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Things I have Learned Recently

It's been a few weeks since my last post. During that time I had a not so minor nip/tuck procedure done, and started a new job. (I never do anything in a small way) It was just all crazy timing, but the experience taught me some new life skills.

First, if you are ever going to have plastic surgery, have it done in the winter, so as you have to wear your compression garment for six weeks, you are not melting in the heat of the summer with the extra "skin casing" you have to wear. I also learned that I am not as young as I used to be, and the healing process takes a little longer at this age.

Next I learned when they tell you to have "tetradactyl" arms until your sutures come out, don't forget, and raise your arms over your head, as it will cause you to blow out a few of those said sutures! OUCH! When I was able to finally block one of my mangers from my phone after changing jobs, in the excitement of the moment, I forgot, and waived my arms in the air, thus blowing a few sutures out.

The second big lesson I learned is stop worrying about things and just do them. I was asked to stay on at my former job on a PRN basis to help out. I really didn't want to, but Spirit told me to do it, and since I have learned to listen to Spirit, it helped out my new company in a really amazing way.

During the transition to the new company - the office I worked for was sold; hence the "new job" some roadblocks came up. But still Spirit told me to just keep moving forward and trust the process that it will all be OK. Some of those road blocks were tough to swallow, first one being I got a pay cut - but the trade off being this company seems to value and appreciate their employees - something the last place did not do on an epic level- so I figure that is priceless in the work world, and worth the pay decrease. Think about it, if you could afford to make a little less, but get treated with kindness and respect at your place of work, what would that be worth to you?

So as life changes for me again, I look at all of this a a time to slow down as I am healing, a time to catch my breath and enjoy discovering new things that I will learn at the office. It is also a shift from corporate medicine into working for a non-profit serving the underserved in our community, so that touches my heart in so many places. To be able to go to work and make a difference in someone's life is a gift.

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1 Comment

Sep 20, 2021

You’re an inspiration to me. Congratulations on your new job! I know that you made the right decision by leaving your former employer. To be respected and cared about and mostly - to be HEARD - are priceless!

I am so very blessed to be working for a company that DOES value and deeply care for their employees on an “epic level). I’ve only been working for them for a little over a year ahd it still surprises me. In 40 years of working, I have only been treated this well, and with such a high level of respect, very few times.

I see the need to slow down and give the necessary care to myself BEFORE I can give…

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