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There Really Is Magic All Around Us

As my mind drifted off today I got to thinking about everyday magic that happens all around us - and we don't even pay attention to it. I used to joke around and say that the closest thing to magic we have here on earth is when I push the purchase button on Amazon and my order shows up two to three days later at my front door. That is magic in action!

But taking it a to a deeper level here are some everyday happenings that really are magic; plants take in sunlight and turn into the food we eat. Trees pull in carbon dioxide and water and release it back to us as oxygen. Great examples of morphing magic.

All great practitioners of the craft have a grimoire they use as a spell book, much like a pastry chef uses a recipe housed in a book (their grimoire) to turn flour and eggs into an edible work of art. Think about it, caterpillars are the ultimate shape shifters. They go into the dark basically as a worm, and emerge as a graceful butterfly.

We plant seeds that grow into flowers, we turn wind into power, all things that could have gotten you killed back in the day of the Salem Witch Trials. Think about when we take a pill to help us sleep or to stop a headache, having gone to your local healer for a potion to cure it. Again, something what would have gotten you killed for back in the day.

Call it science that finds cures for diseases, engineers that build rockets that take us to space, all in the realm of magic. Through some sort of special filming technique you can now talk to a hologram of someone who has crossed over in "real time." How freaking magical is that.

Life can be difficult to take when we get mired down in all the negativity and hate that is out there. You have to choose to find and see the good - you have to choose to see and find the magic. After all we have been through these past few years, I am choosing to see the magic in my life and in my world.

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