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The UPS Guy

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

One of the things I decided to work on as I train to become a certified spiritual life coach, was learning to enjoy the “process” of doing something while letting go of the outcome. What do I mean by that? It’s like enjoying the process of planning the vacation, packing for the vacation; and not stressing over will it rain and ruin the trip? Will my flight be delayed? Will the hotel be nice? In doing that we miss so much of the joy of daily living, the joy of daily doing.

My first experiment was with the UPS guy. He is very attractive, and I am single – need I say more. Not knowing what his relationship status is, I decided just to flirt a bit for fun, no tie to the outcome. I figured if he is taken, it would make him smile to know he still “got it.” If he is single and not interested, it would still make him feel good about himself; or maybe he could be single and interested. Either way, I was out nothing to put myself out there and enjoy the process.

When he came in for his semiweekly delivery, I simply added to our normal banter, “Hey if you know any nice single guys that are looking to just date someone, I am looking.” He smiled and said that was the best news he had heard all day, and that he may know someone. I enjoyed the giddy process of putting myself out there and in seeing the smile it bought to his face. If nothing comes of it, I had fun for that afternoon.

The old Willow would have still tried that, but would have never enjoyed the process. I would have been too busy worrying about looking like an idiot and being rejected. But here is the difference. I now know I am worth someone’s time for a simple date. If I am rejected in this instance it’s not because there is something wrong with me; it would be because he is not available, or I am simply not his type. Neither of those things say anything bad about me. I also know that if I am rejected, it’s because Spirit has something even better in store for me, and the thought of that just makes me smile.

So when you are out nothing to try something new, try. Take the chance and focus on the happiness of the “doing” of the thing, and don’t worry about the outcome. It will work out just how it’s supposed to for your greater good.

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