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The Narcissist Love Diet

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Well if you are anything like me, food is my go to during a crisis. I am an emotional eater. I find chocolate cake, or potato chips can handle most crises rather nicely. If it’s something really major, I will just crush the potato chips right over the cake! I eat when I am happy, I eat when am sad, I eat when I am stressed out from life. However, there are two exceptions to my emotional eating binges.

Anger is the first exception. When I am angry I tend to want to clean something, so those are great times to clean out the pantry, or annihilate that pesky soap scum that builds up on the soap dish in the shower.

The other expectation is when I have a broken heart. That is the only emotion I absolutely cannot eat through. Generally I can’t even bring myself to think of food when I am in the throws of heartbreak. So when the ex narc decided to give me a two week notice and walk out of our marriage, the weight started to come off pretty quickly. I was able to drop about 25 pounds without really trying. I had just lost my will to eat.

Another big drop came when he called to tell me he had been diddling his new roommate for the past six months; why he chose to tell me I will never know. That kicked me even further down the abyss of heartache. I was not able to eat much of anything for about a month. I actually forgot to eat some days; but, I was able to drop another 17 pounds for a total weight loss of 42 pounds! Go Narcissist Love Diet!

When they put you through this kind of pain, the silver lining will be the weight loss. I now have to belt my dresses, as they are to long not having to go around the extra 42 pounds I was carrying. (I will get a new wardrobe when he tells me they are getting married. I am sure that will cause me to drop at least another 20! )

What I am trying to say tonight, is there will be an upside to them leaving your life. You will be sad, and heartbroken, but when the smoke clears, you will be ready for your outer beauty makeover, and a major inner life do over. Now that is something to look forward too!

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1 Comment

chester doodlevich
Sep 08, 2018

Great advice!

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