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The Magic of Christmas

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

As you know from my previous post I have been shifting the meaning of Christmas in my heart this year. Well, have a plan and make Spirit laugh so they say. Through the miracle that

life can be, I was blessed with a daughter I didn’t have to give birth to and four grandchildren that are on loan from a very dear friend of mine.

The best gift my ex husband gave me was the beautiful friendship I have with his first Mrs. Ex, and leaving his youngest daughter behind when he left me. She has lived with me for the past two years. So viola, I have a daughter. She is one amazing gal, and I just love her to pieces.

While doing my own healing, I was blessed to meet a gal, named Robin as well, who has four beautiful children, and who I now get to be grandmother too. Oh they have their own natural born grandparents, I am simply an extra one who gets to spoil them.

So here is where Spirit is laughing. I only put up a Charlie Brown tree this year, and one strand of lights I haphazardly threw on the wall above it. I decided to have the Grand-kids

over today to make Christmas cookies, and here I am smack dab with a heart of Christmas cheer. I put up a small tinsel tree I have had for over 50 years sitting in a closet and few up a few strands of lights on the ceiling – for the kids to enjoy, wink wink – I am thinking of leaving them up year round now!

Just goes to show, have a plan, and watch life change it. Sometimes for the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than you could have ever thunk it!

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