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The Joys of Christmas in the Year 2020

The season for celebration is upon us – but somehow the old traditions that I have clung to for years don’t seem to cut it this year. They feel disconnected to the world we live in now. It’s OK to hold on to our memories and traditions, but it’s also OK to let them go and create new ones when you feel the need in your heart.

I used to spend days decorating the house, wrapping gifts, and overall just enjoying the “doing” of Christmas. This year all of that just doesn’t feel quite right to my heart. Maybe it’s because I am now sixty and have shifted into a new phase of my life, or maybe it is just time, and what my soul wants.

This year I put up a true “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree and have decided instead of giving Christmas gifts, I will give a gift of love after Christmas, but before the New Year. The color for the holiday for me this year is pink. Pink bows wrapped around a pink bag with book that a wise dear friend of mine just had published with wonderfully insightful encouraging words to feed our hearts and minds. It will be a gift from my heart, a gift with love from my heart. And I feel at peace with this decision.

For me this season will now represent new beginnings, a rebirth of spirit within us. It’s time to wake up to our own souls whispering. Whatever represents your higher power to you, God, Buddha, Universe, Spirit, don’t you think they would want us to arise to our higher calling within our own hearts and souls. Just as Christ rose that we may be forgiven, how about we rise up and forgive ourselves.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. May you be brave enough to choose to celebrate how you are called by your own heart stirrings. Tree or no tree, decorations and gifts, or to skip all of that and do what represents a rebirth of Spirit within your heart. That is true love in action and true forgiveness that will lighten our hearts for the year to come.

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