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The Importance of Knowing What you Want

If you follow my blog, you know I left my position of seven plus years on November 3rd. It was a leap of faith for someone like me who needs multiple layers of security to feel safe. I was also a GIANT act of self love to leave a place that saw no value in you.

I decided I wanted to look for a remote position doing what I love - medical billing and coding. I decided I only wanted to work 32 hours a week for a better work/life balance and that I would love to still have medical insurance, but I knew I could manage without it if I had to - trusting Spirit to fully catch me.

Well just three short days later, I was offered exactly what I wanted. It actually came so easy, that I am almost having a hard time connecting with it. Can it have been this easy all along....was the key to living a happy life just loving yourself and trusting your Spirit guides? I am going to be able to work from home, doing just what I love, for the 32 hours I only wanted to work. I could finally have time for me; time to sit in nature, to catch up on some of the great books I have that I had no time to read. Oh, and I also got health insurance with this position.

I always tell my clients to start focusing in on what they want down to the smallest detail, so the universe knows just what to send you, and this is a prime example why. I was offered a full time "in office" gig last week, and almost jumped at it for security, but then realized that was not what I really wanted. It was playing it safe again, and not trusting. In being clear on what I wanted and having faith, I turned it down, and got just what I asked for from Spirit.

Please know what you want, because if you don't, you will just get stuck with whatever blows your way, and make a choice based on not loving yourself. We ask why we stay stuck, why we keep going around the same mountain only to wind up in the same place we have always been - it's because we are not clear on what we want, so we keep creating the same mess over and over.

Love yourself enough to want better. Seek the clarity you need to build the life you want - and then watch the magic start to happen. I still can't hardly believe how this all worked out. I am going to keep trusting it all really happened - that I didn't dream it all, and learn to connect with getting just what I asked for. It's a strange new place for me, a new experience getting what I dreamed of, so I will learn how to master this lesson too!

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