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The Great Freeze

We all have people in our lives that don’t bring out our best. They make us feel less than, or bring us to angry places we don’t want to be. One simple way to remove their impact on your life is to freeze them. I know this sounds crazy, but please hear me out. It is something I learned to do years ago, and really works.

Take a brown piece of paper – I use the paper that comes in my Amazon boxes. Rip off a piece of the paper, and write the person’s full name at birth on it. Fold the paper up and place it in a container or baggie. Fill the container or baggie up with water, seal it well and then stick it in the back bottom of your freezer. This does not hurt them, but starts freezing the energy between you and them.

Getting over a bad relationship is hard enough. Add the extra layer of healing an empath has to do when discarded by a narc, and it can seem overwhelming. There is enough emotional damage to deal with, that we don’t need to feel their energy around us as well. By freezing their energy you allow yourself some distance and time to heal.

Things will pop up like it did for me the night before last that will catch you off guard. By having them on ice, it is easier to deal with pop ups, and keep moving forward in your healing. It will help cut down on any hoovering they try to do to keep you hooked. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Again, this does not hurt anyone, but gives you the space to heal. It is also very symbolic as well. When you are truly ready to let them go, and put you first, then freezing them is easy. If you are resisting, then you need to acknowledge you have not made the choice to let them go. No right or wrong, no judgment, just acknowledge where you are at in the healing process.

My XNarc …..well let’s just say I could serve a cold beverage with him! LOL

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