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Taking a Break from Being Broken

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

On this eve of a three day holiday weekend, I think it’s time I take a break from all the weight of the divorce and of the emotional damage from the ex “Narc.” Since smoking pot is illegal in my state, how does one take a break from emotional trauma?

One of my favorite ways as a child was to just run free at top speed around the trees in my backyard until I was exhausted. Since I am not in that kind of shape anymore, I came up with this idea. I am going to get one of those big exercise balls, blow it up, put some happy music on really loud, and just bounce!!! (My version of an old lady trampoline! LOL) If you think about it, you can’t be sad when you are bouncing. I dare you to give it a try. Blowing bubbles is another way to relieve stress. So while I am at the big box store getting my ball, I am going to get some bottles of the good old fashioned bubble blowing stuff. Besides filling the house with bubbles, all of that blowing should help to expel any negative energy, and if I do it long enough, I could even pass out, thus rolling it right into a nap! LOL

To get the day started, I think I shall brew up some flavored coffee in the morning, and then go sit on my back porch and listen to the birds chirping and watch the world wake up, along with my strange neighbors that like to go out in their backyard and shoot BB’s from a BB gun at pie tins they have nailed to their trees! Then it will be time to commence with the bouncing and blowing.

Later in the day, I think I will go for a float in my hot tub. I purchased one of those inflatable ones last year. It’s a wonderful way to have a hot tub, without having to hire an electrician or take out a second mortgage on the house. So after I catch my breath from bouncing and recover from the bubble blowing, I can float in my inflatable tub and just relax. (It looks like a big giant soup cup)

See - A giant soup cup!

If all of this sounds a little crazy, well I think it has to be to shift all of this trauma/sad energy that is in my body and mind. I can pick it back up on Tuesday when the work week starts again, but for now, I am going to try to spend the next three days taking a break from being broken.

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