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Something to Ponder

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I was pondering this question last night. Where have all these narcissist come from all of a sudden, and why had I never heard anything about them before. There seems to be a plague of them hell bent on destroying people’s lives and hearts.

As I read many different articles online, I was saddened to learn that as a society we are at our lowest point of “self love” and “self value” then we have been in generations. I’m thinking my grandparents generation didn’t think much of “self” as they were just trying to survive through the depression and food lines. I don’t think people really even thought to ask the question, “Am I happy in my life.” They just put their collective heads down and did what they needed to do. I do remember my grandmother talking often about her time working as a “Rosie the Riveter” during the war. She was happy to being doing her part and learning something new.

Even my parent’s generation did really ask the question, “Am I happy.” My mother was busy reading Doctor Spock (clearly not following it), playing bridge with her club, and getting her hair done. My father worked all the time to support us and my mother’s extravagant taste. She was happy to not keep up with the Jones, she was driven to surpass the Jones, and my dad had to pay for it all.

Flash forward to my generation and the ones beyond. We are asking the tough questions, and apparently not liking the answers. I am among the countless people who are struggling to find our own value and worth, and to figure out how to love ourselves. Without those pieces in place, a narcissist sees us as weak and easily manipulated for their gain. That is why it seems to be almost an epidemic of damaged souls hurting and further damaging other souls.

So in the end I’m left to wonder, which generation was/is really happier?

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