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Rebuilding the Vessel

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

So this idea of doing one healthy thing for my body a day got me to thinking; what does my body really want from me? What can I do to speak to my temple’s walls and infrastructure? Then the idea hit me. I loathe, and I mean loathe structured exercise. My motto has always been if you lay very still on your sofa, you can become the cushions. It takes practice, but if you work at it you will achieve the dream! LOL Then it hit me…..why not build some small but effective body movements into your daily routine.

For example, since I sit behind a desk all day, when I got up to get more coffee or take a restroom break, I stopped and did three wall push-up’s before I left my office each time. I was not worried about looking like a weirdo at work because my coworkers have come to expect a certain amount of crazy from me. In the morning when I am brushing my teeth, I hop on my seated Pilates exerciser and do some leg exercises until I have completed my brushing cycle while watching the news……. Like a child I need to be distracted from the process. I also had to remove the piles of laundry from the equipment that had accumulated on it! LOL

I think that is the important thing. You have to start to know your body, know how your mind is wired and work with it. If I tried to get up and take a brisk walk every morning, or promise to go to the gym every other day, I won’t succeed. My mind and body just don’t want to work that way. So I am learning to work with in harmony with it. I figure as I build these extra movements into my daily life, it could have a really good cumulative effect.

I am not delusional – I know this is not going to throw me into “fat-burning” mode, or really jack my heart rate up, but it will help with the muscle tone and ease of movement, which is important at my age. So in the first four days of this challenge for myself, I have incorporated two nice things for my body every day; things that are easy and can be done without thought.

I also signed up and am taking on online course about “The Science of Well Being” to do something nice for my mind. (See Link Below) It’s from Yale, and totally free if you don’t want a certificate of completion. I registered for the “non-certificate” free version. I don’t need a certificate to tell me I completed the class – my certificate will be imprinted on my heart as I learn better living skills.

I am really excited about this process – it gives me hope instead of keeping my mind trapped in the sad places of my heart because of his callous discard of me. I was forced to live a new life - so this time for the first time – it is going to be all about me.

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