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Open Hearts

Tonight as we reflect on what happened seventeen years ago in NY, DC, and PA, and feel the sorrow of the lives lost, we know for sure that for each one of those souls that crossed through the veil that day, someone’s world was changed forever. Someone’s (actually many someone’s) hearts were broken.

Here’s the thing about a broken heart, when they break, they break open. If you think about it, when something shatters, it breaks into a million pieces, and where there was once darkness, is now filled with light. Most times when something breaks, it breaks “open” to allow light in, to allow energy to flow through the now open space.

Our hearts are much like that. When we are in love and focused on our lives, we tend to have a narrow vision with our hearts. Not to say that we don’t help others, but for the most part our lives go on and our hearts beat. They beat in rhythm with our circle of immediate loved ones.

When our hearts break, light gets in places that haven’t seen light in a long time. This is why we see and experience the world in a totally different way. It is why we cry when we see a cheese commercial where the cows aren’t happy; you know, happy cows – happy cheese!

Why am I bringing this up tonight; because my heart is broken . Because I am seeing things in a different light. I feel raw, and full of emotion. But, tonight I took a chance and connected with a fellow earth traveler on the same path that I am walking right now. We shared our stories and got to know each other without an agenda. We were just there to support each other’s journey.

Sadly, if my heart had not been broken and open, I would have missed this opportunity. I would have been too narrowly focused on my world to step out of it for awhile. When we share our burdens with each other, they become easier to carry as there is power in numbers. As we left the table, I could feel that both of our hearts were less burdened by their pain. Hope was alive.

So tonight as our collective hearts are broken for the country and the lives lost on that darkest of days, please allow the light in, allow yourself to feel connected with people outside of your immediate circle. You just never know who you will help, who’s life you may change, it could very well be your own.

And to my new friend, thank you for your open sharing and your kindness. We can do this!

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