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No More New Years Resolutions

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I know it's a long standing tradition that we all make New Years resolutions to somehow do better at life than we have in the past.....exercise more, eat healthier, sleep better, drink less, etc..... but lets be honest, most of us don't make it a couple of weeks before we ditch the plan.

I think we would do better making a creative vision plan for our new year, kind of like a vision board. You need to be very specific when setting your vision. I was speaking to a friend yesterday and asked what she wanted for 2022 in her life. She said "I want more spice and fun in my life." So I asked her to drill down, and tell me what that looked like. After much digging, turns out what she really wanted was to learn to play tennis, make some new friends and try new things with them.

You see, that is very specific rather than the blanket statement of "I want more spice in my life." With that general of a statement, the Spirits/Universe/God could just deliver you a bottle of cayenne pepper, that's adding spice. We need to be very specific, very clear on what we want. Paint a picture in your mind so clear that if I was to go shop for what you wanted at the "Universe Store" I would know exactly what to get. What shape, size, color, feel, taste, smell....well you get the point. Now keep in mind, we can't ask for a particular person to fall madly in love with us, but we can - in detail - ask for the qualities we want. Same for a job, we can't ask for a job at "Boeing" but more what your ideal job feels like. What do you do all day, do you work in office, from home, travel a lot? Just be very clear on the details, not to much on specifics. There is a huge difference there.

So what do I want for this year......I finally have the job I wanted - working from home coding - I put the vision out there last year, and got just what I wanted. What I need to master now is better flow. Being a work-a-holic I tend to stay at the keyboard way to long without taking breaks. So this year I want to learn interpretative dance, so that I may take creative breaks throughout the day with music for my inspiration. I want to get into better sleep habits by not keeping my iPad in my bed - to easy to roll over and play online when I can't sleep.

How do I see that all happening down to the smallest detail - I see myself watching some YouTube videos on dance, making a play list, and then getting up whenever I want to to dance around the house. I will be wearing yoga pants with a pink knit top - my hair clipped up, and be wearing pink ballet flats. My music selections will be contemporary classical, so that my movements may be more swan like and less old lady like.

When I do go to bed, my iPad will be charging in my home office and I will keep my new cuddle dud pillow I got for Christmas in my bed where the iPad once stayed. When I can't sleep, I will put on an HZ music selection to help me fall asleep. I envision my down pillow tucked underneath my head - my arm slung over the cuddle dud pillow and me feeling completely relaxed enough to let go and allow sleep to come.

I recently put together that my sleeping issues - epic as they are - were organically grown. My mother would wake me up sometimes by just beating me across my body, so I still seem to struggle with feeling safe when I sleep. With that awareness, I now tell myself like a mantra when I get into bed, "you are safe to let go and sleep." I repeat that over and over in my head as I allow my foot to stroke the sheets.

Remember, the more detail you can give the vision, the better the outcome will be. Your higher power needs to know exactly what it is you want in order to bring it to you. When we don't make a clear choice, we get what we get, and quite often it falls short.

So this year, skip the resolutions, and instead in full detail create the vision you want for your new year, and then let it happen. I promise you it will.

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1 comentário

02 de jan. de 2022

I also have a hard time sleeping. The most I ever sleep is 2 hours at a time. While I’m not sleeping with my iPad like you do, I have major PTSD that comes from my childhood and my dad molesting me.

I have such a great fear that someone / anyone is going to come in on me while I’m sleeping (i.e. the boogeyman). I sleep on my couch in my den right next to my sliding glass doors instead of my bed in my bedroom. It’s like I’m constantly standing guard and I live my life on “high alert.” It’s so exhausting.

I’m extremely “jumpy” even when the dog barks during the day I literally jump…

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