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Manifesting the Shit out of Love

I have always been a believer of the power of thoughts to become things. I have focused on my career and manifested a job that I enjoy that also pays me well. I focused my thoughts a getting a new used car, and I found an excellent deal on a Mercedes I couldn’t turn down; believe me it was a steal. Even my home is a result of focused attention to find a home with lots of trees, a big backyard and a big front porch. So why have I not focused my intention on love?

Well, that comes back to the not loving yourself thing I have been working on. They say love comes to you when you are not looking for it; but I think the quiet focused attention I have used before for my career, the Mercedes, and my home will work for this too.

I am going to manifest the shit out of love! Love of self, love of those around me, and the love coming towards me. I am not going to focus on “relationship” love, but on universal love. That is a much more rewarding love for me than any kind of love you get from a partner. Love from a partner is conditional, or it was for me from the ex. I had to look a certain way, maintain a certain weight, and pay for his lifestyle in order for him to love me. That is not love, that is what I got from not loving myself first, and that is no longer good enough for me; yeah!

So here is the start of my focused attention. I will think of all the parts of me I haven’t loved, which is basically from my hair to my toes, and just love it. I love my curves, I love my giggly thighs, I love my gray hair, I love my wide hips, well you get the point. As I love and accept the outside of me, I am going to focus on loving the inside of me; my slow metabolism, my quick mind, my sometimes torrid emotions, all of it. I love it all, because there is no one else like me. There is no one else like you. We are one of a kind original works of art, and need to love that about ourselves.

With that much blinding love swirling around me, the manifestation will be complete. There will be love all around me, a shit ton of it!

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1 Comment

May 17, 2019

Your post on manifesting the shit out of love.. well it made me cry!! I have been feeling just this same thing. But when you said not just relationship love .. that’s what was the aha moment!! Thank you.. you will never know how much this means to me❤️

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