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Love in Action

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Even though I made the firm decision to disconnect totally from my ex narc the other day; and can see the situation clearly for what it was; a marriage based on one part love from me, and two parts of lies and deceit from him, I became incredibly sad today.

As I ruminated over the loss of the illusion of him, the tears began to well up in my eyes. I reached out to my soul sister, Julie since the work day was just ending. I shot her a quick text and asked her if she had a moment to talk. She replied with a yes, and in the time it took me to dial her up, the tears had started to flow and had hit a full blown sobbing as she answered. Without skipping a beat, she asked where I was and made it to my side in 5 minutes. (Luckily our offices are only about a half a mile apart – yeah!)

To me - this is love in action. Without hesitation, she came to offer comfort and support, without me asking, without even knowing why I was crying. She still had her evening commute ahead of her, three kids and a mama at home that she cares for, but she took the time to come help a friend in need.

We sometimes forget, me included, that we are surrounded by love. We tend to only focus on the loss of the love from one person. It was a beautiful reminder to me tonight, that there is plenty of love and support all around me; that, just because one person stopped loving me, if he ever did, that doesn’t mean that no one else loves me. Because one person thinks I have no value to him anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t still have value. Because one person won’t be there to laugh with me, hug me or, grow old with me, doesn’t mean that I won’t do those things, or not have people to do them with. I am surrounded by people who love me, value me, laugh with me, hug me, and will grow old with me, and think it’s an honor to do so.

As I drove home, tears all dried up, and having found my smile for the day, it felt wonderful to feel the love. True love – love in action.

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