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It's Time to Dream Again

Even after all these years, I still find myself ruminating on the ex a little more than I would like. He is a part of my past, a part of my story, but has no room in my future or in any part of my head space.

I had forgotten about one of the ways I used to get through my tumultuous childhood; DAY DREAMS! So it's time I start taking these moments when he drifts into my thoughts, release the thought of him and tune in to a day dream.

I had forgotten about this wonderful childhood skill we all had; how easy it was to just drift off in a dream. I remember the times I was in school and would be lost in a day dream when the teacher would call on me and startle me right out of it. I used to be so good about dropping into this totally safe and fun place to be; so it's time to dust off the skill and start connecting with it again.

My day dream now is my big spooky mansion I would be the mistress of in the heart of New Orleans. It would have lots of trees with Spanish moss draped on the branches all around it, a beautiful old wrought iron gate surrounding it, with large floor to ceiling windows. It would have two story's with a small third floor attic room full of spooky old family treasures passed down generation to generation. Well you get the idea.

I can day dream of the big parties I would host in my ballroom located to the left of the front door, and the intimate dinners I would serve (well my butler would serve) to my very close girlfriends and maybe an interesting artist or writer who had been invited. I would sleep in my big four poster hand carved wooden bed with an old chandelier overhead.

What would your day dream look like? Allow yourself the time to just dream whenever the past starts getting intrusive to your thoughts. It's the perfect "stay-cation" and comes with no flight delays or cancellations.

You have nothing to loose, and everything to dream big......and dream often.

My bedroom's balcony in the house of my dreams!

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