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Is That Really a Thing

So I decided to turn my profile back on the dating site I had joined just to see if I could possibly find someone to have some fun with; a friend to try new things with and expand my social circle a bit. Like I have stated before, one must really have good boundaries, a healthy dose of self love, and a bullshit detector in order to stay safe out there.

Case in point: I started chatting with someone who seemed normal at the start. Just basic small talk. He said he was just looking for someone to have fun with as well, not a relationship. That was perfect for me. Then came this: "Can I send you a picture of my dick." I was flabbergasted. Thank God he asked first and didn't just send one, that was so very gentlemanly of him. So we parted ways at that point.

He circled back a few days later and apologized and said he wanted to start again. I thought I would remain open the the second chance as we all make mistakes sometimes, so I gave it a try. This time shortly after we started chatting again, he started asking for pictures of my body parts and said if I didn't send him one, we would not meet for a date. Wow, who could resist that kind of offer. So second chance gone, and not to be explored again.

Here's the thing. Someone not feeling strong with their boundaries might have been tempted to send this moron the pictures he wanted. I asked some of my younger gal friends if this behavior is common on these dating sites, and they said yes. Oh lord, I am so not cut out for that.

When did this photo exchange become "a thing?" When did trading private pictures and sexting become the norm? I know I am old and probably out of date with things that people do these days, but honestly, I could not sleep at night if I had those kinds of pictures of me floating around out in cyber space, where they will never really go away.

It was an interesting - albeit a disgusting exchange, which allowed me to come away safe in the knowledge that my boundaries are intact and not to be crossed. Yeah me! My fear would be for someone lacking in self love and those strong boundaries to be taken advantage of, exploited, and kicked further down that endless dark hole, just trying to be loved.

It is so vitally important to love yourself first, so predators like this cannot hurt you or take you down. Please stop at nothing to heal yourself so you can stay safe out there.

A great sense of humor appears to be vitally important as well for your sanity. I can choose to be upset by this, or find the victory in my boundaries, and laugh at the craziness of it all. As I signed off from this encounter with him, I left it with....."Here is a random photo of my pussy as you requested" and then sent this......LMAO

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May 22, 2021

Hahahaha yesssss girl!!! I’m so proud of you!! And yes sadly dick pics are extremely common with online dating. But usually they don’t ask first - they just send it with no warning.

So why are guys so fascinated with their dicks anyway? LOL they seriously are not ever an attractive thing to see. No we do not want to see their dick pics but thank you very much anyway. It’s a sad reality.

May 22, 2021
Replying to

IKR, not the most attractive thing in the world. What is wrong with them. Saw this great quote on FB today: "I want to live in a world where men can be viewed at zoos." LMAO

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