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I Hadn’t Even Noticed the Shift

Progress happens sometimes when we don’t even realize it. Case in point….I have been running on empty at work for quite some time now. I love my job, but it can become overwhelming. This past week I hit a breaking point. Slammed right into that wall.

Luckily I have a wonderful director I report to. I was able to meet with her and offer her up a suggestion for a different position for myself within the company; a way I could be an asset to them, but get off the management merry go round to save my sanity and my health. She was open to the idea and was planning some re-organization anyway, so this fit in with her plans – I love synchronicity. I am hopeful this re-tacking of my sails that will allow me more time for a personal life and to have some balance.

I was telling one of my roommates last night about the talk I had with my director. He commented on the fact that normally, the old Willow, would have been job hunting by now, not meeting with the boss to re-negotiate her career path. Wow, I hadn’t even looked at it that way. That was/is real growth for me. Instead of packing up and running away, I love myself enough to calmly ask for a change where I am so I don’t have to give up on the time I have spent with this company and all the great colleagues I work with.

I hadn’t even realized the small change in my thinking that could lead to a great change in my life. I am starting to realize it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing for me. Not everything will be black or white in my life. If something isn’t working, I don’t have to run; I can stay and help mold it into something better. I can engage people around me to help with the process. I don’t have to be an island anymore.

Wow…..I hadn’t even noticed the shift.

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