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I Dreamt of Arachnoids

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The other night I had this wild dream about spiders. Now under stand this, I like many, am terrified of spiders. I know they serve a purpose in our eco system, but beyond scaring the bjeezzus out of me, I am not sure to what end that purpose it.

So like every inquisitive person, I took it to Google. Of course there were many different meanings depending on the site, but they all tied back to something negative, manipulative, or fearful. The fact that in my dream I had "pooped" them out and they were still alive I found very intriguing.

My take on it is this; I recently had that very deep conversation with my mother thanking her for teaching me about abandonment in this life. If you follow my blog you know that we are for the most part estranged because of the physical and emotional abuse meted out by her when I was a child. So why did I thank her?

Louise Hay writes in her book that we pick our parents and the lessons we want to learn when we are in soul form. Soul contracts are made between both parties agreeing to actions that will be taken on this side of veil. I asked to learn about abandonment, and she agreed to be my teacher, knowing full well that she would sacrifice any kind of relationship we would have. So for that I say thank you mother. You taught me well with each blow and each horrible word spoken to me.

In the pooping out of the live arachnoids in my dream, it represents that I have finally let it go, and didn't miss the lesson. It came through me, alive and intact, telling me the lesson has been fully absorbed, learned, and now can be let go. I never thought I would be so happy to have dreamt of spiders, but I am.

Put a victory on my leader board! Class is OVER!

Actual Spider Web from my Back Yard - Yipes!

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