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I Did It!

I know it feels like I have been missing in action lately - writing wise - but I have been busy behind the scenes completing my Spiritual Life Coaching certification. I am happy to say, that this week I have completed my oral exam, my written exam, and completed all of the paperwork required to send my file up for review and final approval of my certification.

It is my hope that by this time next week, I am fully certified and ready to help others down this path of self discovery and love. It has been a long painful journey from being discarded by my ex narcissist of a wasband, to where I stand today; but one I would not trade for anything. Without that experience I would have never healed the wound I have carried since birth.

When a child is not loved by their parent(s) they don't turn on their parents, they turn on themselves. I lived a life full of self contempt and anger, not even aware of what was driving my choices in life, especially life partners. They were all choices made on the premise I was not worth loving. So I took the scraps that others would offer me. Unfortunately, the type of people that troll for love with scraps are not the kind of people you want to be in a relationship with.

So here I sit tonight, surrounded by love. Love of self, love from my wonderful friends, love from my two kitties, and can truly say, I have more love in my life now than I ever did any of my relationships. And the key to it all was this - falling completely and totally in love with me. I am the love of my life!

If you need help getting there, please reach out to me. It is my passion work to help others find this love and peace within themselves. It's the blessing that came out of all the pain in my life.


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1 Comment

Patty Gurley
Patty Gurley
Oct 11, 2020

Congratulations! Blessings to you!

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