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I am just Speechless: (Language Warning)

Here is the conversation I had with the ex tonight. He let me know he is moving out from ole Norma Jean’s house in two weeks. He said he got his own place because he needs peace of mind and cannot get peace of mind in a relationship or living with a woman. To which I said then stop getting into relationships with women. He said I don't, I just I sleep with them and then they expect me to date them, and then I feel obligated, and I get into these relationships I don’t want to be in, and then I don't get any peace of mind because they want me to spend my life with them. (Seriously, he really said all of this.)

To which I replied, well then it's simple, if you want peace of mind, stop fucking women. Because you are fucking them, not making love to them, so they think you want to be with them and there where the mis-communication is happening. I said "Are you still fucking Norma Jean?" He said "no, I stopped awhile back".....Me - "define awhile back?" Him - "two weeks ago." Me - "Well no wonder she is falling apart with the news you are leaving her - she still thinks you love her." Him - "I never meant to hurt anyone." - Me - "Well now you know you are hurting women, so for the love of God and all things holy, stop fucking women. "

Him - "Don't talk to me like you are my counselor or something."- Me - "Well you tell me you want peace of mind, but then you do the exact thing that does not bring you peace of mind, and you hurt women along the way, so STOP FUCKING WOMEN. If you are not making love to them, and doing what you are doing, then you are intentionally inflicting pain on them. Stop doing that because Karma is going to get you!" To which he said he had to get back to work.

I cannot believe I ever felt anything for this man. I can’t even bring myself to call him a man. Who does this to people with no conscious?

This is what he really wants – a woman to rent him his own place, pay all of his bills, provide sex to him when he wants it – and give them nothing in return for their love and money. What a charmer. I can’t believe I ever loved him. I feel like I slept next to the devil for the seven years we were together. It makes me sick to think of it. I am actually sitting here shaking as I write this.

Thank you for letting me rant tonight. It helped to get it out of my head and onto paper. I think I am going to be sick......................

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Mar 02, 2019

OMG NeNe, you are so right. What a cold calculating pernicious asshole. He was the worst of my three husbands. I am so done! I feel like I need to scrub off three layers of skin from having slept with him.


Mar 02, 2019

So.. what he actually confirms is: When he originally bedded you ..he had no intention of getting into a relationship with you.. but felt obligated to marry you. And he had no peace of mind the entire time . You meanie! What a bunch of bullshit !!!! Why is he even sharing with you his intentions ? Why would he think that you even care what he is doing or planning on doing ? Because he needs to keep you in the circle .. primed and ready to call you back into service. Manipulating like a boss! He is so pernicious!

Dictionary :

adjective: pernicious

having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.

"the pernicious influences of…

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