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Food for Thought

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Someone asked me the other day what I thought the difference between love and a crush is. Great question I thought, and this is what just spilled out.

“Love is an emotion that we show through our actions. Love is helping someone when there is no reward in it, but their love in return. Love is being there for someone when it may be hard for you to do so, but love compels you to stay. A crush on the other hand is hormones in action. It’s the feelings we get when we first meet someone and can’t stop thinking about them, touching them, drinking them all in every second of every day. The difference is love lasts far longer than those hormones do – so in the end a crush is flash in a pan and ends very quickly. But love, love lingers, takes its time and grows stronger with each day or shared memory.”

I was thinking more about it tonight. We tend to think of love in terms of a “relationship” with another person – an outward action or feeling towards someone else – a husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, child, pet….but how often do we think of ourselves in terms of that same love.

So many of us put our love out there for others to consume. The problem with that is often we get people stepping up to drain our love – people who are just there for a free meal. They will return as often as we let them. We think they must like us because they keep coming back. Maybe he/she’s the one. They seem happy when they are with me, so they must want me. What we don’t realize is they are feeding off of us, and will run when the meal is over. Yes, they are happy when they are around you…..let’s face it, you don’t often see unhappy people at a free – all you can eat- buffet.

So my dears, do you want to stop being the one who is taken advantage of and then left? The secret to that is to step up to the buffet first. Love yourself so much, that by the time you and your circle of loved ones are done feeding, there is absolutely nothing left on the table. Then when someone comes and see’s the empty table and stays……he/she is the one. The one standing there beside you when nothing compels them to stay - but love.

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