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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I haven't always been at my best this year, but I really did try hard. I tried to love myself in the way my higher power, my higher self does. I even celebrated my progress by marrying myself in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by the love of my friends whom I call my chosen family - my soul tribe.

So this year, what I ask you for is this - that everyone who choses to - discovers the true miracle they are, embraces their uniqueness, and falls madly and deeply in love with themselves. It's such a simple concept really, but it was ripped out of most of us at a young age. All we wanted then was to fit in, and be like and liked by everyone else. We lost the magic of who we are and who we were meant to be. That is my wish this year.

I won't tell you how to do it, as I normally would have done since I liked to control everything out of fear, but can you make it a fun discovery for them. Maybe a fun house mirror, but one that shows them how special they are, and how beautiful they truly are on the inside where it matters the most. We don't get to choose how we look on the outside, genetics makes that choice for us, but if we/they could see the beauty that resides within, maybe the world would be a better place when faced with their own beauty.

If you do have an extra minute, I always enjoy a good M&M or Chocolate Chip cookie. Maybe I could find those under my tree today along with a set of fancy mittens. I would have left you cookies and milk, but my cats would have drank the milk, and probably licked the cookies, so I saved you from that fate.

Happy Christmas - With Love,


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