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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I did a tarot card reading on myself this morning. I drew "The Fool" (new beginnings, free-spirited, faith), the "Wheel of Fortune" (cycles of life), the "Hermit" (time alone, enlightenment, wisdom), and the "Knight of Pentacles" (hard working, committed, reliable.)

Looking at where I am in life right now, I began to think; I am at the start of a new phase in my life, "The Fool", I am enjoying my new found time alone since I work from home, "The Hermit", and I am very productive and committed to my chosen path, "The Knight of Pentacles" as it relates to my new job and my coaching and reading sessions with clients. But the "Wheel of Fortune" got me thinking.........Just where am I in the cycles of life?

It's such a common human "thing" to not enjoy where we are, and think about what is coming next. I know I get caught up in that too. So maybe where I am in the cycle of life is just this..... learning to enjoy where I am. I was working on my vision board for this year as I suggested in a previous post, and while it's important to know what you want your life to be, I realize now, it's equally as important to enjoy where you are. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

Is it because we are trained to not enjoy our lives. I know as I grew up, life was not about enjoying things, it was about staying safe, invisible, and away from home as much as possible. So I guess I never really learned to just "enjoy" life. I remember hearing a comedian say that while you are laughing, really laughing, it's funny how nothing else really matters in that moment. If you think about it, that is very true.

Case in point, the other night my flat-mate and I were watching an old Tim Allen standup routine from the eighties. We were laughing so hard that in that moment, I was not thinking of anything, just laughing hysterically. Thank you Tim Allen.

So I guess what I am figuring out as I write, is that as I begin to learn how to enjoy the moment, I need weave times of laughter into my daily routine. Just as I eat, sleep, bathe, work daily.....I need to have a laugh break daily too. With YouTube, there is no reason all of us can't take a moment, maybe before each meal, much like saying grace, start our meal off with a laugh, a real true belly laugh to prepare our bodies for the food we are about to eat.

I like that. I think I will start that today. It's about retraining myself to stop and enjoy life. I am no longer in survival mode.....I guess that is where I am in the cycle of my life....learning to be 100% present in the moment and enjoying where that moment is.


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