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Bonjour 2019

A big happy hello to the New Year. I am looking forward to the fresh start the turning of the calendar year brings. I hung a new wind chime by my front door today to bless people who come and go from my home, and to raise their energy vibrations so that my home remains my sanctuary. I am also going to paint the front door a nice smoky purple to magnetize the blessings of each and every day.

I wrote about this year being a year I show myself kindness. These outward gestures will help me to remember to act with compassion towards myself every day. I am also going to book an appointment for later this month to have my favorite thought provoking words tattooed on my inner forearm. It’s a simple reminder that asks “Are you valuing yourself in this moment.” I tried out a temporary tattoo with these words, and it made such a difference in my mindset, that I decided to make it a permanent part of me. (Check out Conscious Ink for the temporary tattoos – they are really cool)

These are all little things but will encourage me to focus more on my inner life. I work in the healthcare field and try to be there for others, but most times till now, I forgot to show up for myself. Asleep at the wheel is what allowed the “Ex” to come into my life. I won’t let that happen again. Awake and conscious is where a well lived life starts and stops. I know that now.

So as this New Year lays before us all, I challenge anyone reading this, not to make resolutions we generally don’t keep past February, but to set a true intention to make this the year of “you.” The year you decide - as I have - that we as individuals have value and are worthy of real love, starting with our own.

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