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Assembling the Team, Part Deux

Yesterday I covered re-birth breathing, EFT, and acupuncture. Today I would like to talk with you about my experiences with Emotion Code, Rapid Eye Therapy (also known as RET, or EMDR) and Hypnotherapy.

My work with an Emotion Code therapist was very interesting. It can be done in person or remotely. The healer intuits your emotional blocks and helps you to release them using a common household magnet. I was able to free up quite a bit of blocked emotion and come to the realization that my ex-narc was really just a proxy for my mother, and that the deep wound from childhood abuse had not been healed. We worked for several weeks to find and release my inner two year old trapped in the bondage of that abuse. Again, this will require multi visits and it varies in price from $75 to $100 per session. I found it extremely helpful.

Rapid Eye Therapy (RET or EMDR) is beneficial for the reprogramming phase of your healing. Once you release the old belief system, you will need to start programing a new one. This one will be all about loving yourself, and being kind to yourself. RET requires you to sit and blink while the practitioner works to help you with the reprogramming. My only note on this one is that by the end of the session my face tended to hurt from all the blinking.

My final therapy option was to try hypnotherapy. I found this to be very relaxing, and very beneficial for the releasing and reprogramming of your emotions and beliefs. It will require a few sessions that cost about $100 each, but totally worth it. You will be put into a very relaxed state, while the practitioner guides your subconscious mind on a wonderful healing journey.

So what worked for me? I had one regular therapy session with a wonderful “talk” therapist. I was seeking the answer to one specific question – How do you fall in love with yourself? The answer was so obvious once he told me…… immerse yourself in all things about love. If you wanted to learn to speak French, what would you do? Immerse yourself in all things French. So armed with that plan, I headed out to immerse myself in all things about self love.

The first question I asked myself was, “what does self love look like?” Someone who loves themselves would do what it takes to heal and get better. That is why I tried all of these alternative therapies. Out of all of them, I found weekly Emotion Code sessions followed by bi-weekly Hypnotherapy sessions, with a few acupuncture sessions sprinkled in really helped to move the negative emotions through and out of me the best.

Here is my emotional timeline:

11/2017 – He gave me a two week notice and moved out – emotions were at 7 as I thought he would come back.

12/2017 – July 3rd, 2018 – He hoovered me and dangled empty promises in front of me – emotions at about a 5 as I got comfortable with the situation as it was, and thought he would come back.

07/03/18 – He told me he had been diddling his new gal pal since January – emotion level off the chart 10+++ – I was unable to function.

07/05/18 – 08/20/18 –Various therapies sought out and done – emotion level now at 2 – 3 – I just have some intermittent sadness about the loss of the dream.

08/20/18 – Today – I started this blog, and took the time to learn about Narcissist/Empathic Relationships – My emotions are at a level 2 still as I am still a bit sad that the dream is gone – But now, I have accepted what happened, found the silver lining in it, and realize I am happier flying solo with my great friends by my side.

So my testimony about “ATs” is seek them out voraciously and do what works for you. It took 48 days to go from hysterically depressed and suicidal to acceptance and some peace over what happened.

Please take the time to do the work, it's essential if you want to heal and build a new happier life. Spend what you are worth to heal……and I know now, that I am priceless. Here’s the thing, so are you!

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