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A Gift From Mom and Dad

Today is eight anniversary from when my dad slipped through the veil to the other side. I got the call at 6AM - a call that profoundly changed me. As the tender moments of this event invaded my heart yesterday, I asked my dad to help ease the pain. I didn't think any more about that quick silent prayer until late last night.

I heard a whisper to check on old email account I have not used in years. I am not sure which guide or soul whispered it to me, but I did as I was told. To my surprise, there were old emails between mom and I during a time where we were in a friendly cease fire mode. It was such a gift to read the kind words she had written so long ago. As a wounded child, I tend to remember mostly the bad moments, as there were so many to choose from, but here in black in white were words of kindness and support from her.

There are so many feeling wrapped around one's parents in the best of situations; but with our past, there are tremendous caverns of emotions that are just to deep that I no longer wish to swim in. I am at peace with what happened between us; so these precious words only add to my peace.

Maybe in some small way, she did really love me in her own twisted way. What a gift!

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